The Country Music Foundation (CMF) was launched in Sri Lanka in 1988 as a non-profit outfit with three objectives – promoting country/western and folk music, raising awareness on children’s rights and raising funds for needy children in Sri Lanka.
Since 1988 it has organised 18 annual charity concerts in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, bringing together musicians from Sri Lanka and abroad who donate their services to the cause of helping needy Sri Lankan children. The concerts are titled ‘Country Roads.’
The CMF has raised close to five (5) million (Sri Lanka) rupees (over US$40,000) over these years and all this money has been utilised for children’s projects.
The CMF acts as a bridge between the business community, children’s groups and the public towards improving the lives of underprivileged and deprived children.
The CMF has partnered with UNICEF and Save the Children, UK to help raise public awareness on children’s rights and needs through music while at the same time raising funds for these projects. Perhaps the most important message of the CMF concerts has been the need to help children, particularly those affected by war or poverty.
“What we have raised in cash through these concerts is probably a drop in the ocean for needy children in Sri Lanka. However what is more important is that we are eternally building bridges between people with means and children in need; between a private sector with means and children in need. That we believe has been the driving force and message of our concerts,” a CMF spokesman said.
The CMF is perhaps unique in the sense that it is the only music organization in South Asia that has dedicated all its proceeds to children. By 2010, with the 18th annual concert for children, the ‘Country Roads\ series of concerts is the longest-running concert series in this part of the world.

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